Bevro Test Package

What is a Bevro Test Package? A test package is an intraductory selection of products we sell to people who are interested in setting up their own business so you can see which products and categories we carry. Besides actual products, you will also find a selection of catalogues in the same range as the selected categories in the package. If you for example would order a test package with sports cars only, then you would get a package including sports cars only as well as a broad range of catalogues of manufacturers carrying these kind of products.

Bevro also has socalled standard packages. The content of these is more diversified as we will include more models and information than with a custom built package. This allows you to get an even better picture of what we do and which products we carry. If you would like to order a standard package, then please select "diverse" under manufacturer and scale.

By clicking on the link below, a new application will be launched where you can configure a test package. Note, however, that this service is currently only available in Dutch. If you would like to order a test package and you cannot read Dutch, then don't hesitate and call us. You can find our details under contact.

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Fiat 600 Multipla Bi...
Fiat 600 Multipla Bicolor